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Everyone has an image in his or her ideal life. To feel in balance, know what you want in your life or how to further develop. Or by losing obstacles. Sometimes it's just difficult to realize this on your own. Crossroads Coaching can support you by discovering and developing your strengths and skills and utilizing them when....

...you are dealing with change

...you have just moved or moved to / from abroad

...you want to go one step further in your career or want to want to go a different way

....you want to make an important decision

...you want to improve the balance between work and private life

...you want to experience less stress or anxiety

...you want to be healthier

Just as you keep your body healthy by exercising and eating healthy, working on your mental health is of great importance to  well-being. Look at the information on the Personal and Work pages to see what questions and topics we can work on together.

At it's core, coaching and couseling are designed to help you move forward to achieve a goal that is personally meaningful. Goals can be professional or personal. The process of coaching, counseling or therapy includes helping you assess your situation, establish a goal or goals, develop awareness and insight, select options, define action steps, maintain accountability and evaluate progress.

Crossroads Coaching is a practice in positive psychology. Tools and interventions that have been identified by research into positive psychology and related fields, such as neuroscience, are used to help you achieve greater happiness, well-being and success. Positive psychology research is translated into tools and techniques for improving people's lives, careers and businesses.

It's about shifting from today's accepted standard of 'doing ok' into the fulness of our potential and flourishing.



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