Business or executive coaching is designed to help facilitate professional and personal development, focussing on objectives such as career transition, work performance, developing executive presence, enhancing strategic thinking, creating a business vision, dealing effectively with stress and the balance between business and personal life.

Burnout & stress

If you find yourself under constant, prolonged pressure and feel disillusioned, helpless and physically exhausted, you may be suffering from burnout. Burnout can be prevented and it can be treated. Coaching can help you develop appropriate skills and strategies that you need to reach your goals.


Mentoring is a more reflective approach of coaching. You are assisted in exploring your own issues, build your insights and self-awareness and develop your own unique way of handling how you interact with colleagues and business.


Being assertive is about acting positively, being open and honest, listening, expressing feelings of control, increased confidence and improved self-esteem.

Skills, abilities & competencies

Develop and enhance the skills, abilities and competencies needed for your job to be more effective and reach your potential.

Work life balance

Coaching can help develop and implement work/life strategies that will meet your unique needs and goals whilst recognizing all aspects of modern life; work, family, self-care and community.

Career counselling

Determine your career goals, find out about your strengths and identify the actions you need to take to achieve your goals.