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Originally from the Netherlands, Nicole holds a Master's degree in Psychology and has extensive experience as a commercial manager in international companies, manager and coach of teams, expat partner and mom.

As an English speaking psychologist in Budapest, Nicole has a focus on life-span and positive psychology. Her background and extensive education, training and experience give Nicole the knowledge and professional base for her work as a personal coach, counselor and psychologist. Nicole brings to her work an insightful, thoughtful, straightforward and genuine approach, and will facilitate remarkable and lasting change in her clients.

Nicole loves working with people and is touched and honored by those who are willing to share their lives with her. She currently lives in Budapest, Hungary with her partner and three daughters.

Additional specializations CPD:

  • Anxiety and Mood disorders (University of Sydney)
  • Stress and Burn-out (Rogier)
  • Grief and Loss coping (RINO)
  • Adolescent psychology (RINO)

            - Negative self-image

            - Depression and suicide

            - Anxiety, including test anxiety

  • Executive functioning in young adolescents (RINO)
  • Sleep and sleep disorders (RINO)
  • ACT - Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (KING)




The office space of Crossroads Coaching is comfortable and calm, where conversations can be held privately and undisturbed. If you wish, Nicole can come to your location as well.